I want to tell about the most skipped subject but actually of which destructive affect is well known in software development.This is turnover.Yes despite the fact that this is problematic for both sides as employer and software developer,Why can not be or is not it prevented?.

Firstly,Let’s examine and count why developers leave their job as items.

  1. When they feel not to get the required respect in their job that company sees them as changeable parts of the standart machine.
  2. When they can not get the salary deserved.Software developer expands their technical and domain knowledge.But the company does not respond…

Hi I want to mention some hardships faced during software development duration,especially the ones related with overtime.Everyone has right to live with their family without being busy with the job after normal working hours for example between 08:00 a.m and 05:00 p.m.Statistics show us almost every developer experiences the overtime except apprioximately 10.9% minority in 2020 [1]

But there is a desire and also unfortunately reality too.Actual subject I wondered is why this overtime being prefered or dictated.The life is more important than work.If we think salaried software developers,the contract between developer and the employer is based on exchange our…

I will talk about modularization of software architecture.Let’s depict fictional scenario of work place.We are working on small Erp project that is based on monolith architecture and again having some modules like Sales,Stock,Finance,Human Resource..etc.In the beginning our customers were consisting of some domestic companies and our development team size was approximately 10.

But afterwards our customer size have begun to expand.So also we have decided to sell our Erp project to abroad and to expand our team size.

So for now the work have begun to become complex.We also want us to manage team seamlessly.Architecture as per needs and team…

In this article,I will try to combine two different concepts that actually are closely related with each other.One is Domain Driven Design(DDD) that is about translating customer requests into technical design.The other one is Scrum that is project management strategy as most of you know.

I think these two seperate concepts are too much required if your teams size exceed 20 people.Because if you reach to 20 people,performing Scrum may be problematic.Because maximum advised people size for one Scrum team is between 5 and 9.So …

Fatih Koşal

Software Development Manager

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